Needs Analysis
As part of the project’s preparation stage, the project will undertake

  1. A systematic study of experiences amongst HEI staff and students to identify the strategic needs of career centres and students' needs in employment/internship search.
  2. An in-depth analysis of the services, staff experience and training in Career Centres

Upcoming report: Student Employment in Central Asia
Upcoming report: University Career Centers: Good Practice Guide
We will also be working with key stakeholders in the region and industry in developing synergies with the project. If your organisation is involved in student placement, links with industries, etc. within the region and you would like to share your views, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Capacity building
In order to enhance links with the industry and services to students, our capacity building action will target career centres in Central Asia.
We aim to

  • upgrade competences of partner staff
  • improve practices in Career Centres

Upcoming: Training workshops on

  • Networking (alumni, enterprise);
  • Entrepreneurship support (business plans, simulation tools);
  • Student Guidance in job search & application process,

With a strong focus on multiplier effect and sustainability, the project will develop training materials and courses for Career Centre staff who can in turn share the knowledge with others (training the trainer approach).
Effective knowledge transfer and innovation requires the participation of all stakeholders. That is why we are also looking to extend the results to other HEIs & policy makers in the region.
Activities include

  • thematic round-tables, conference to promote regional dialogue,
  • business case studies competitions, etc.
  • publications, policy recommendations.