Proceedings of the International Conference

These Conference Proceedings include papers resulting from the International Conference “University Career Centres – Bridging the gap between universities and the labour market to improve graduates’ employability”. The Conference was hosted by Adam University (BAFE) and organised in the framework of the Tempus UNIWORK project. It took place on October 26th & 27th October, 2016, in Dostuk Hotel in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Student Employability and Entrepreneurship in Central Asia

The present report aims to provide an analysis on the support provided to students and graduates of Central Asian universities regarding the support of universities for their career development and employability. Furthermore it examines whether the university, its career centre and other stakeholders are able to increase students’ and graduates’ enterprising skills and their entrepreneurial thinking. In addition, the report looks at how companies, associations and career centres cooperate.

Career Centres in Central Asian HEIs: Current Status & Good Practices

Career centres are a crucial interface between the world of academia and the labour market. They have a fundamental role to help students and graduates of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) transition from the university to the labour market. Among their many functions are to help students & graduates  find suitable internships and jobs, help develop their employability skills, help develop their entrepreneurship skills or network with enterprises.